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"Denise, in the past I have written to a few other healthcare providers because they have done so much for me (they make up for all the rest of the not-so-good experiences.) So, I need to write to you because you are at the top of the list of great providers. It leaves me wondering how I can ever thank someone like you who has so fundamentally changed my life for the better! You are a gift in so many ways. Thank you from my heart for your enduring support and sincere caring. I didn’t know angels existed below the clouds. Because of you I know they do." -Carol

"The series of physical therapy sessions with Denise Alberto, to deal with the symptoms of the cystocele, were extremely valuable and effective. I learned exercise and techniques that have eliminated all of the discomfort that I was experiencing. As long as I maintain my exercise program, I seem to be free of symptoms! Denise is a wonderful teacher and physical therapist." -Anonymous

"Of all the professionals I have seen during my spinal fusion rehab, Denise has been the #1 miracle worker to me. She has exhibited a large base of knowledge and utilized it to develop a unique approach to pelvic dysfunction. Under her care, I am healing and can participate virtually in “pain free” comfort during my rehab. She deserves honor and recognition in developing and utilizing techniques that no other PT has the skill base to use. Healing, vision and kindness are her core personality traits." -Karen

"Denise is outstanding in her knowledge, care and therapy. In my 45 years of working with PT’s, I have yet to know anyone else as skilled. Her patients improve rapidly and learn how to care for themselves in the future. Many more people could improve their lives if were treated in the appropriate manner Denise provides." -Psychologist/Nurse

"Denise has provided both medical care and emotional support for both my daughter and me. We came to her with independent problems that we thought were unsolvable. However, Denise seemed to understand our problems immediately, and she was able to provide relief from pain, pain medications, and the belief that we were destined to live with discomfort. We cannot give enough praise for Denise. She is professional, self-assured, and confident in her knowledge. She provides research and support along the way, and knows what the patient needs. Most important, she provided relief from our pain." -Gayle and Meagan

"In addition to being a wonderful physical therapist, Denise gave me strong emotional support and encouragement that helped me make it through my physical therapy. Thanks!!!" -Jessie

"Literally! Thank you for devoting your career to Women’s Health. Your expertise in these tender areas has been such a blessing for me, especially post-surgery. I truly appreciate your fitting me into your busy schedule! I will be diligent in all that you taught me. P.S. -- I do think of you outside the bathroom and with great fondness. Your work is not only marked with expertise, but also with lots of laughter and that in itself makes visits with you such a joy! God bless you." -Christine

"This is just a little note to let you know our wonderful news. Thanks to your skill and knowledge I have a happy and healthy physical relationship with my husband. We are expecting our first baby in March 2005. This would not be possible without your help last year. I can’t thank you enough." -Louise

"I want to send a special thank you for the wonderful treatment you have given my mom. Your therapy and your professional expertise have made such a positive difference in her life. She loves her exercises and does them faithfully. You have enhanced her life tremendously! Not only do you have the know how, you also have a wonderful “bedside manner.” You always make my mother feel comfortable and at ease. You have a genuine gift." -Maria

"I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me get through this pain issue. This has changed my life and my marriage."

- Anonymous

"I genuinely credit Denise and her care for pulling me out of the grave. I was a walking skeleton when I first met her, and now, I am well on my way to a full recuperation. I highly recommend Denise to anyone suffering with pelvic pain or post-operative adhesions. She is caring, gentle, warm, funny and extremely knowledgeable in her field. Anyone who becomes the recipient of her expertise is a very fortunate individual. I want to thank her for helping me, continuing to stick with me, and for saving my life." -Jill

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