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How to Schedule an Appointment

Denise Alberto, PT handles all the scheduling at this time.  The best way is to reach out and schedule through our website messaging center and include your name, email and date of birth if you want to schedule.  You can also use this method to ask specific questions and she will reach back out to you.  We can then send you an invitation to get started. The best way to schedule is through the messaging center on our website.  We suggest you schedule out 5 appointments after the initial evaluation visit to find a time that works best for you. Hours are varied Monday through Friday.

Your appointment is 1 hour for both the evaluation and subsequent visits. This includes time for the physical therapist to finish their notes as this is part your appointment record keeping to help keep on task. We ensure each visit is productive and headed toward your established rehabilitative goals.

On your first visit we will set goals in order to stay on task with regard to your specific problem, so your active participation is encouraged. Please consider why you are here and how we may facilitate your wellness, as your recovery will be directly affected by how much time and energy you put into your guided home program.

We provide one-on-one care. Treatment techniques may include manual, soft tissue and joint mobilization (hands-on), therapeutic exercise with home exercise instruction, behavior modification education and caregiver instruction to help you reach your specified goals. Our emphasis is on manual techniques and patient therapy education for your home program. We will be discussing your treatment options at the conclusion of the initial evaluation.

Discharge from our program varies from patient to patient and diagnosis to diagnosis. Our goal is to be specific and thorough with treatment and help you attain functional independence. You may be 80% better at the time of discharge, but well on your way to recovery. We will always keep you informed of your progress. If we do not see some marked change in your condition within 6 treatment sessions, we will notify your medical provider and refer you back to him or her for follow- up or suggest another practitioner to help.

We send progress notes to any specified providers/insurance companies at your request. It is important to keep all of your doctors apprised of your progress.  This is recommended.


Important Reminders
It is important to be on time for your scheduled appointment or text/call 24 hours in advance to make a schedule change. If you are sick please inform us and stay home and get well. Please read our cancellation policy carefully as there will be a $120 charge for a no-show that is not communicated.

Thank you for choosing our services to facilitate your recovery and wellness. If you have any concerns or questions please let us know. You can email Denise directly for any specific questions at and she will be delighted to help. 

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