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Pre- and Postpartum Care


While pregnant, come preventively to learn: 

  • How to transfer, lift, exercise with proper abdominal bracing 

  • Decrease postural imbalances that come from changes to the body during pregnancy

  • Awareness of their pelvic floor in addition to how to breathe and relax the muscles pelvic floor muscles which is important during labor and delivery to reduce tearing and improve efficiency of birth 

  • How to properly push for childbirth Birth 

  • Labor positioning 

  • Perineal stretching at 34 weeks (with or without partner) 

  • We also treat conditions one may encounter in pregnancy including: SPD, sciatica, back and hip pain, incontinence, urgency, constipation 


Outcomes during pregnancy:

  • Increased confidence going into birth and labor


Postpartum treatment:

  • Treat C-section scars, scar sensitivity

  • Visceral massage/manipulation (certified by Barrel Institute)

  • Diastasis recti

  • Pain with intercourse 

  • Address common postural issues postpartum: mother’s wrist, back and hip pain, stress incontinence, prolapse, bladder urgency, constipation, bowel incontinence

  • Learn how to safely pace return to physical activity


Outcomes postpartum:

  • Reduced or no perineal tearing

  • Reduced prolapse / severity of prolapse 

  • Decreased or no lasting stress incontinence postpartum 

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