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Out of Network Provider

We are considered a non-HMO “out of network” or “non-contracted” physical therapy provider. This means that you pay as you go (cash, credit, debit, HSA/FSA) and we provide you with a superbill or invoice for you to submit directly to your insurance for direct reimbursement to you. We do not bill directly. Some insurance plans that do not require you to go to an "in network" provider, will reimburse you at your “out of network” benefit.  Some have different deductible for both in network and out of network.  It can be very confusing so see our thorough check off list here (insert) to help you ask the right questions so you are well informed.  


If you have a Preferred Provider Network (PPO), you will be reimbursed according to your plans’ "out of network" benefit. You most likely will have to satisfy your deductible first. If your plan cannot provide you with an "in network" provider they may allow you to have an "in network" gap exception benefit. We do not guarantee your insurance will cover our services and it is your responsibility to understand your insurance and coverage before you make an appointment. Note, some insurance plans require pre-authorization.  I recommend you call them directly and use our handy check off list to learn more.

Out of Network is worth the money! Let me tell you why...

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